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Web is now the most powerful medium.Join us to experience how the web changes traditional business models. Read More>>
Web is now the most powerful medium.Join us to experience how the web changes traditional business models. Read More>>
BPM allows organizations to abstract business process from technology infrastructure, it goes far beyond automating business processes (software) or solving business problems. Read More>>
Open source is the creative practice of appropriation and free sharing of found and created content. We believe knowledge shd be free and be available to all. Read More>>
World class performance requires speed, quality, agility, and endurance. In a highly competitive race for world market domination, there are no silver or bronze medals. You win or you lose! Read More>>
Business On Web Business Process Management Open Source Application Technical / Process Consultancy
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
Business Process Management
Data Mangement & Orchestration
Infrastructure Management

In the IT industry, as presently constituted, on the one hand we have the “End” client (The final recipient of the IT services) and in the other hand, the Contractor and its Cartels of IT provider of services.
We recommend that the “End” clients adopt a different strategy other than to become victims to the “Prestigious Ones” the name given by us to those organization that are trying to Monopolized the IT industry to maximize their profits.

Manufacturing, distribution, and supply chain management strategy and operations management consulting firm offering state-of-the-art technologies and services world-wide
Why ?

World class per- formance requires speed, quality, agility, and endur- ance. In a highly competitive race for world market domination, there are no silver or bronze medals. You win or you lose! This degree of performance does not simply happen. It requires years of commitment, conditioning, and a vision of a gold medal.

Our Benchmarks  

Mayfair specializes in remote IT infrastructure management services. We provide a comprehensive range of Voice/Web based contact and front office services. It represents Mayfair’s most significant strategic business extension and investment to date.

At Mayfair, we expect the client to control all systems decisions, as we feel that those decisions may impact the client’s “Business Plan”. Systems contributions by Peningo Members should be limited to the development, enhancement and implementation of the systems that will deliver a client’s proven successful “Business Plan” intact.

There is a tendency on the part of the “Prestigious Ones” to try to control and influence the client’s “Business Plan” in order to be able to use their “package solutions”. This efforts results in priority being given to systems solutions than to the client’s “Business Plan”.

We have experience salvaging situations created by the “Prestigious Ones” in their attempts to influence the client’s “Business Plan” in order to use the “standard solution” which results in totally inadequate business solution. Again we re-state our view that systems decisions should be totally in the hands of client personnel and all systems must bow to the needs of the client’s “Business Plan”

When a client states a requirement, there is an economic incentive, on the part of the ” Prestigious Ones” to use “imperfect” matches to the client’s requirement in order to reduce the bench idle resources ,which are on their payroll, and are not billable to any client. That is how the “Prestigious Ones” finds themselves offering “Oranges” when the client’s needs requires “Apples”.

We approach every client requirement without any limitations except to seek a very close match that has the replica watches sale pertinent skills at an expert level. As we do not support the “Bench” systems we are able to bring upon the client’s needs the best solution available in the Market at that point in time. Our consultants are compensated adequately so that should a situation developed of a gap between assignments the consultants may use their free time as they wish. It is our experience that those that have dedicated their careers to consulting prefer this method best, as they do not like to be mismatched, resulting in personal failures at the assignment. © 2010 | Privacy Policy
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